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Pełna wersja: Lavazza Point Coffee Capsule Machine manufacturers
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SKP-4 Four lanes lavazza point coffee capsule filling machine with full production line
Sample Display of lavazza point
Description pf lavazza point filling machine
SKP series lavazza point coffee powder filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling and sealing of containers of different specifications. At the same time, different types of filling types can be configured, such as self-flowing, filling, measuring cup, negative pressure, screw filling, etc. so as to be suitable for filling various products.
a: The whole machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure and reliable in performance;
b: Fully automatic operation, adjustable production speed, easy and safe operation, improved work efficiency and reduced labor costs;
c : Photoelectric eye calibration to ensure accurate sealing;
d: Sealing twice, the sealing pressure is adjustable, and it can be easily torn or not easily torn according to customer requirements, thus reflecting a more humanized design;
e: the edge of the seal is smooth and flawless;
f: The equipment can be customized and added with other auxiliary functions according to customer requirements.
Configuration: The machine frame is welded by slot steel angle iron. After three times of anti-rust treatment, 304# stainless steel is outsourced; the exposed parts are made of anti-rust treatment and stainless steel and aluminum. Electrical components use "Omron" and "Siemens" and other well-known brands at home and abroad. Pneumatic components are made in Taiwan "Yadeke", which can be customized according to the sample cups and requirements provided by the demander.
Application Range of lavazza point
1. Lavazza point coffee capsule filling machine is suitable for filling various granule,powder,and liquid materials. such as coffee ,milk powder,tea, instant powder,yogurt and other food materials. Compatible lavazza point coffee capsule can contain these product material.
2. We can use different coffee capsule in one machine ,dolce gusto ,Nespresso ,k-cup,k-shot Lavazza blue,lavazza modo mio ,lavazza point ,coffee pod ,caffitaly.
working video of lavazza point Point Coffee Capsule Machine manufacturers