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best Water Thin Pipe Glue - safzxbv111 - 2019-08-26

Product Code P-1030
Color Clear
Viscosity Water Thin
Max VOC <550g/L(Low VOC)
Shelf Life Three Years
Max Pipe Size For All Sizes
Package 946ml/473ml/237ml/118ml
Standard ASTM F-656
About G-Good
Taizhou G-Good Adhesives Co., Ltd., was established in 2005, is a production-oriented enterprise with advanced R&D power. In 2018, a 37725m² modern production base was built with full-line of facilities including packing steel can manufacturing. Currently G-Good supplies plastic pipe cements, industrial adhesives and structural adhesives to Europe, America, Middle East & Asia countries, and offers seamless technical & customer service. We welcome the global distribution & OEM business cooperation.


Production Line
1. Central Convey System and Automatic Feeding System
2. Several High-Capacity Reactors
3. Several Full-Automatic Glue Filling and Packaging Line
4. Full-Automatic Iron Cans Production Line

Installation Process
G-Good is proud to provide customers with comprehensive technical assistance and professional advice for product application, on-site installation training, in order to meet customers’ demand.
Bailey® Selection Guide
Bailey® Technical Data Sheet Principal and Step of Plastic Piping Connection
Adjustable Daubers  
● Fully adjustable, telescopic stem to fit quart, pint, 1/2pint and 1/4pint cans.
● Easy grip, ribbed handle allows better dauber control.
● The cap fits tightly into the can to seal and prevent
solvent loss or spills.
Diameter of cap dauber ½",¾",1½"
Length of handle 6cm-10cm
Our Exhibition
IndoWater 2017
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Clear PVC Pipeline Solvent Cement 3011
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Q: Can I use PVC cement on CPVC pipe, or CPVC cement on PVC pipe?
Bailey has formulated different cements for various applications and you should always use PVC cements on PVC piping and CPVC cement on CPVC piping. If you have a unique circumstance, please contact our technical department.
Q: Can I use cleaner instead of primer?
No. Cleaner is only designed to remove surface dirt and grease from the pipe where as primer actually starts the chemical reaction needed to bond the pipe and fittings together.
Q: What type of primer do I use on PVC or CPVC pipe?
All primers are safe for use on PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings. best Water Thin Pipe Glue